GRCC: That's a Wrap

Tonight, I left work early and went to the testing center where I took Test #4 and the Final Exam for Biology 101. Not sure how I did, but I feel pretty good about both tests. Afterward, I went to my Biology Lab and did the last of the lab assignments. And that’s it. I’m done.

I think I mentioned that I applied to Ferris a few weeks back. Maybe. Honestly, I don’t remember. Well, whether I mentioned it or not, I did. Last night was their Fast Track to Ferris event at GRCC and I went with transcripts in hand. I was expecting to get the green light and hear I was accepted, but it turns out that my transcripts need to be reviewed by the powers that be in the HVAC program. So, I’ll have to wait until next week to get an actual decision from the school.

If I get accepted to Ferris, I imagine I’ll be back in a GRCC classroom soon enough, as they are about an hour closer to me than the main campus in Big Rapids, and credits transfer between the two schools.

If I don’t get accepted to Ferris… hah, who am I kidding. There’s very little chance of that happening. But if it were to happen, I don’t really have a plan. Maybe I’d take my bachelor’s program in another field of study and at another school.

But for now, and for the summer, I’m done. Grades, and more, to come as these things are revealed to me. Later