Biology Breakdown

The final grade hasn’t been posted, but class is over and all the quizzes, labs, tests, and assignments have been graded and posted to Blackboard. All of the numbers are there. We have all the pertinent information. Let’s see if we can’t figure out how this will turn out.

You know what, wait. I want to show off my test scores first. This will also be a lesson in why it’s important to study. See, tests 1 and 2 I did the bare minimum of reading and studying, which is to say that I did the assignments and that’s it, test 3 I really hit the material hard, and test 4 and the final, I did less studying, but still way more than those first two tests.

84/100 Test #1
84/100 Test #2
98/100 Test #3
92/100 Test #4
98/100 Final Exam

Weirdly, because I didn’t do anything extra that I know of, I also managed to get 102.3/100 for the online MasteringBiology course work. Not sure how that happened. But, as you can see from the scores above, a little studying makes a big difference. Anyhoo, let’s get back to the exercise at hand.

Biology was broken into two classes – the online lecture and the in-class lab. The lecture was worth a total of 660 points. The lab was worth 205 point and counts as a quarter of the total biology grade. The posted grade totals look like this:

Biology Lecture grade 618.3/660
Biology Lab grade, 208/220

Lab seems to have too many points. …checking… …checking… …checking… Okay, got it. Only 13 of the 14 labs are being counted; you’re allowed to miss one. Also, the lowest quiz grade gets dropped. Each lab was worth 5 and each quiz is 10, which would make it 192/205. Hmmm… you drop below 200 and it feels less great. Kinda shitty, really. But let’s see… This is supposed to be 25% of the total grade …doing math off screen… I think I’m looking at a 93-94%. Which means …checking the syllabus… 93-100 is an A, so if my assumptions are correct and my math is right, I should get an A in Biology. And if I don’t I’m going to kick myself for not doing the extra credit work that was posted on Thursday.

do the work

I imagine the official grade will be posted next week and we’ll all find out if I’m right. Later.