Games, Games, and More Games

In the event that you do not fully understand the magnitude of board games that were on display at last weekend’s Doug Con, I present you with this picture collage of what I was faced with when I arrived. We did not play all of these, but we did play some. I even had my first virtual reality experience playing a game where you disarm a bomb. Very cool. But until they can reduce the size and bulk of the headset, I don’t think VR is going to catch on.

so many board games

I came home from Doug Con with a haul of 4 banker’s boxes of my old RPG stuff. I knew that I had left stuff in the care of my good buddy, Doug, but I did not realize just how much stuff he had. Hell, some of this stuff I don’t even remember having. Where am I going to put all this? I’ll probably post more about this stuff as I sort through it. Some of it is kinda cool and nostalgia factor is high.

treasure trove of old rpg stuff

Mostly, Dungeons & Dragons 1st and 2nd edition stuff, but there is a mix of other stuff in there as well. Rifts, Star Wars, Shadowrun, and Champions. There’s a four book set of Marvel character references, a Stephen E Fabian art book, and some cardboard heroes and other Steve Jackson stuff. This will take some time to go through and time to find places for all this stuff. Later.