Impeachment, That is the Question

Politics. That’s was your heads-up. Consider yourself warned. Trump impeachment. Why?

Full disclosure. I am not a fan. I’m not a flag wagging, chest thumping member of either party. I vote based on who I agree with, not which party they’re in. Mostly, I’m a moderate, or possibly a centrist, I reserve my right to declare which based on your definition of either. I’d like to keep my gun, but I’m willing to let you run a check on me when I buy a new one, and I understand limiting what I can buy to things that aren’t military grade weapons. I want to keep God out of my schools, courts, and politics, but I don’t care what sort of house of religion you go to. I’m all about free speech, equal rights for everybody, increasing freedoms, and reducing qualifications for those freedoms. But that’s just who I am. Whatever the case, there is no attention paid to the vast swath of Americans that just want things to be reasonable. Back to the impeachment thing.

Why? Are they doing this because they don’t expect to beat him in November 2020? I am not a fan of the president. I don’t like him as a celebrity/personality. I didn’t vote for him. And I most certainly have been mostly embarrassed by (and for) him as the leader of our country. The list is long, of ways by which he has done the office of the presidency wrong. But, three years in we’re going for impeachment? His approval rating is like 40%. I’d like to see both parties put up a challenger to Trump. But the GOP is working through the process of canceling any primaries or caucuses that might put up another candidate, thereby announcing that they are all in on this guy. Not surprising, being as he is the sitting president, but still disappointing. I like options. And the Democrats still have damn near a score of candidates fighting for the spot. Let me know when you get it down to a handful and I’ll start paying attention.

Don’t get me wrong. I want trump out of office. I’m just not sure that going through an impeachment process is the way to do it with a year to go before the election. I’m not convinced that it’s worth doing at this point.

I’m all for impeachments. Hell, I think the threat of impeachment should be greater and that the barriers to impeachment should be lower. After all, impeachment should not be limited to things covered by the legal system. That’s not why it’s in the constitution. It’s there to protect the sanctity of the office. It needs to be a tool of the political system as well. High crimes and misdemeanors sounds like the good stuff, but I think more emphasis should be placed on breaching the public trust and conduct unbecoming. Impeachment is in there (the constitution) as a check on runaway tyranny, and it’s not just for presidents. These people need to remember that they are public servants. And we expect our servants to behave well.

With that as the criteria, lots of presidents have committed impeachable offenses. Has Donald Trump breached the public trust? I think a rational, fair-minded person can come down on the side of thinking he has and that his actions merit impeachment. But a grand jury can indict without charging and a congress should look at impeaching without the goal being to evict or convict of legal crimes. Censure and reprimand are tools in the congressional toolbox. We don’t need to get everybody out of office. Maybe we just need to thwack ’em upside the head every so often to keep them on the straight and narrow.

I think the president has done things worthy of impeachment. I’m just not convinced that doing so at this point is going to be beneficial to the democrats, the government, or the country at this point. I also believe that if they try and fail, it’s going to benefit Trump in the coming election. I want him gone, but let’s just vote him out. Like the Mueller report, I’m not saying he commited crimes against the office of the presidency, but neither am I exonerating him from his actions.

We have the tweets, the press conferences, and the facts. Very soon we’ll have the “tell all” memoirs from every member of the cabinet letting us know what these smart, accomplished, and credible people really experienced during their time in the white house. The legacy has already been set in place.

It isn’t right. It isn’t fair. It isn’t fit. It isn’t proper. But it’s where we’re at.

Yes, impeachment is the constitutional process for addressing presidential misconduct. But maybe the coming election is a better forum to adjudicate this and avoid the rush of vindication and exoneration that will occur when the Senate refuses to convict. I’m probably too late to the podium with my arguments, they’re going to do what they do, without listening to me. I just don’t think this is going to work out the way they expect it too.

Besides, President Mike Pence… Who is that? Probably a more conservative version of George W. Bush with a more overt religious bias. I don’t want that. I’ve got more than enough religion mixed up with my government already. No thank you.