NaNoWriMo Stuff

This is not stuff that I’ve done. Really. I still have no idea what I’ll be writing.

I found this years NaNoWriMo graphics on tumblr of all places. Since I couldn’t find them on the NaNo website, I figured I’d share them here. Because, you know, this is Grand Central Station for all the novelists out there. Not.

Take these and use them as you will. They are not mine. I’m just sharing them. I’m going to drop this first one on the front page somewhere. I’ll add a word counter there as well. I put the pixel dimensions under each of these. In case that matters to you.

555 x 555
1280 x 474
851 x 315

In other website news… I changed my gravatar image, fixed a couple of pages, changed some graphics, and downloaded new backups that seem strangely incomplete. I love having a website. It’s just so much fun all the time.

Lady Ronn is at school giving the premiere of her short documentary film. I’m looking forward to seeing it when she gets home. Later.