Friday Film Day

The lovely and talented Lady Ronn is taking a video class this semester and has given me permission to share with you, her first two projects from class. Now, I will simply preface this presentation by saying that outside of capturing some home movies on our Super8 camcorder back in the day and some phone video of concerts and family, she has no background or experience with making films. So these are quite literally the first two things she has done in the medium. I may be biased, but I think they’re pretty impressive for a couple of early attempts.

Project #1 “Explore Grand Rapids” is a minute long walk around the city and stars our middle son, Zack. And since this is the first project, we’ll start with it. Enjoy.

Project #1

This second piece I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog, because, well, I’m the star of this one. This is her take on a 5-minute documentary. It runs a bit long of the 5-minute mark, but that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with me. Here’s Project #2 Ronn McCarrick: Creative Investigator.

Project #2

The music gets a little loud in places and the logo montage I made for this is a mess, but I wouldn’t let her edit any more than she did for school. I’m a big ‘ol jerk like that. Besides, it’d be another 3-weeks before I could share it. Because, of course, she’s still in school and still working on other projects and reediting a thing she’s not getting regraded on would not be at the top of her priority list. So you’re getting to see the same thing her classmates did.

I think she did a great job with both of these and I am both proud to put them up here at and happy that she’s willing to let me do that. Besides, if it were up to her this stuff would just sit on her harddrive and no one would ever see it. Which is unacceptable.