Disney+ in the House

I signed on for the big Disney package on day one, which is Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN. Then after a brief once over as I downloaded and set-up each service on my Roku, I ignored them.

I don’t know that I’ll watch much ESPN, being as the only sport I follow is NFL Football and then it’s pretty much just the Detroit Lions. So, maybe the occasional Monday Night Football. Pretty much, it’s useless to me.

Hulu is a thing I already had, only now I have my commercials back. So that’s not great. I found an article about how to keep the Hulu upgrade, but that was well after the fact and I don’t really care until The Handmaid’s Tale comes back. We don’t watch much Hulu around these parts, but there are a few things that I do watch on that service.

Disney+ seems like it has a lot to offer; the Herbie and Witch Mountain movies, National Geographic, and all those cartoons I watched 1,000 times as the boys were growing up. So with all the Star Wars and Marvel stuff available, what did I watch first?

Steamboat Willie? Nope. Don’t really care about where Mickey got his start. Did I binge Star Wars or jump into The Mandalorian? Rewatch the Avengers? Nope, no, and no. Too obvious. Also, Boba Fett has gotten progressively lamer with every appearance since the first.

No, what I watched, the thing I sat down and chose, was The Black Cauldron. Yep, I chose Disney’s animated film based on the first two books of Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Perdain. It’s been a lot of years since I read the books, I don’t remember many of the particulars, but this series of books is my Chronicles of Narnia. So, I was happy to see it available on Disney+. It wasn’t great, and 50-year-old me is definitely not the target demographic, but I watched it all the way through and enjoyed it well enough. It was good. I can see where it might be scary for very young children, maybe 3-4 years, but I don’t understand why it was locked in the vault for so long. 

I don’t know what will be next, but those Witch Mountain movies are kinda calling to me. Also, where is The Rescuers? It’s very obvious that Disney isn’t putting all of their cards on the table right upfront. It will be interesting to see how this service develops.