Enormous Time Sink

I’ve fought this battle before and lost. I’m losing this time too. There is something about The Sims games that is enormously compelling to me. It makes me feel slightly better that I’m not the only one, as these games have been chart toppers for years. But there was a sale on the core game for The Sims 4 at Christmas and I had $5.99 burning a hole in my pocket, so I bought it. I haven’t gotten much done since.

Tonight I’m pulling myself away to go to a New Year concert/party, but I’d be just as happy sitting here controlling and watching my sims. I may need help. There is just something about having an audiobook and The Sims that creates a time vortex that can suck in a whole day if you let it.

Anyway, I had some year-end wrap up posts planned. The Sims 4 delayed them. I have tomorrow off, so I’m intending to give my website some attention… but I can already hear the sirens call… must resist.