Decision Time

We got a good bunch of wet, heavy snow on Friday night and Saturday added too it. This was the kind of snow that gives a out-of-shape 50-something a twisted back, a stroke, or maybe even a heart attack, if you’re not careful. This stuff was nasty. I think it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve made it through 5 winters in this house and not got myself a snow blower. And before you say this is the first one without any kids to help, it’s not, and the kids were never much help anyway. It’s always been my job and I never gave it much thought. But today, while I was shoveling, I decided it’s time to get a snow blower. If I could have gotten my van out of the driveway, I would already have one. But I don’t think my little Promaster City would have been able to crawl through that mess to get me to Home Depot. So, I had to shovel it by hand. It wasn’t great.

I feel like I could get away with a single stage snow blower and save some money, but the two stage units are calling to me. What with all the extra features they have. Whatever the case, the budget isn’t going to support anything over $1000 and I’d like to pay half that. Anybody have any suggestions? My driveway is two cars wide and will hold probably 6 cars total.

Here’s a couple Toro’s from Home Depot to illustrate the difference.


In other news, I finished the first season of Mr Robot and have moved on to season two. It’s very well done, but man, what a weird show. Crazy weird, not kooky weird. I wanted to watch the new Dracula, but Lady Ronn says if we watch that, we’re watching it all in one sitting, as it’s only three episodes. But that’s still a long stretch of watching TV for me. As a result, Mr Robot.

One last thing. This isn’t new, 2006 I believe, but I love this song. I give you, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – A.C.D.C.