What Am I Doing?

One of the biggest problems I’ve always had with my website is that I don’t honestly know what I’m trying to project or have a cohesive message. Initially the brand was me, Ronn McCarrick, and then the brand became arohen and I’ve toyed with things like Blackmoon, Rampant Lion, Creative Investigator, 120nn HomeStudios, and 274 Studio. It is entirely possible that I just like coming up with names and logos.

But I don’t really have a product that I’m selling. The only real draw is me and my thoughts and interests. And, unfortunately, I’m not particularly intelligent or even particularly deep. I tend to flutter from topic to topic and from thought to thought without taking the time to structure or organize or plan so the entire endeavor has an underlying chaotic nature to it.

So what do I put on my homepage? I certainly couldn’t say all that, because that does not inspire you to continue reading. I would hope that I am at least somewhat entertaining, but I don’t I don’t think that this website is particularly humorous. My blogs are not quite rants, thorough, even me being angry would be entertaining. But that’s not what I’m doing. The podcast is just an overly long, rambling, stream of conscious on various things. And I never really know what to do with the videos, because, to make effective videos you really need a degree of planning, editing, and an investment in time, which I never seem to have.