Guitar Progress Report

With the social distancing and shelter in place orders, you’ll not be surprised to learn that my guitar lessons have been canceled, indefinitely. So, while I continue to work out of the book, I no longer have the motivation of a weekly trip to Guitar Center pushing me onward and upward. Add to this the unrecognized, but ever present subdermal stress of this whole Covid-19 mess and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I haven’t been pushing myself particularly hard over the last two weeks. I’ve been diddling, but not really practicing. Playing the stuff I’m already comfortable with and working on picking up speed on a couple other things.

the complete learning platform for guitar, bass, and ukulele

So, in order to get myself back on track, I’m taking advantage of the “3-months free” that showed up in my email from Fender Play. This is the online, learn-to-play website from Fender Guitars. I’m not very far into it, but it’s not terrible.

making progress and wth does the tone knob do

I think I am most pleased by the fact that it starts at a different place on the guitar than my Hal Leonard book does. Hal starts with the 6th string and works backward. At this point in that book I’m only using the 4th-6th strings and have just started with bar chords and moving bar cords. The Fender Play starts on the 1st string and works in the opposite direction. I’m actually using the first 4 strings in those lessons. Also, they jump into simple chords (G, C) and some strumming technique early in. I don’t dislike either and actually think they work nicely together. At least that’s my early opinion. Things may change. And I’m not sold on the Fender Play site enough yet to say I’ll be willing to pay when my 3-months are up.

I’m still working on getting “wipe out” down pat. The changes in the middle are coming to me slowly and I’d say I can play it at a little better than half speed with confidence. Keeping time, counting things out, and muting are all still giving me trouble, but I’m working on it.

I’m still having fun. Still haven’t gotten the red guitar in to be checked and tweaked. Kinda thinking I want an acoustic guitar. So much to learn. So much to master. Anyway, I should go. Gotta get some practice in tonight before slipping back into “The Expanse.” Later