Holiday Weekend Kickoff

I gave the electrician the go ahead to take care of my electrical project in the garage. He’s going to put a 100 amp panel out there. I’ve also got him replacing and upgrading the main electrical panel I just replaced in the basement. I didn’t do anything terrible, but the panel I put in doesn’t have a main breaker or enough breaker slots for what I wanted. It also doesn’t have an “approved” sticker from the local inspector, and that makes me nervous for some reason. Going to upgrade the drop coming into the house to 200 amps and then put in a 30 breaker panel. When it’s all said and done, I should have more than enough electricity to entertain all my crazy ideas. Just need to get the utility company to commit to a date and we’ll move forward on that project.

The electrical work is also why my garage is a trainwreck. I was going to throw up the drywall and get it done, but I’m afraid that if an inspector shows up and demands to look at it… well, I’d have to tear down the drywall. It’s better to just wait.

killing eve

Finished the second season of Killing Eve last night, apparently Season 3 is in progress now on AMC/BBC America, so it’ll be a while before I continue on with this show. It’s good, solid entertaining TV. I don’t like it as much as Lady Ronn does, but I will agree that it is good. The writing is smart and the episodes have plenty of twists and surprises. The season ends on a not particularly compelling cliff hanger, what with the fact that I already know there is a whole other season starring the same characters. Oh, it was still good, it’s just that I know it’s not as dramatic as it appears.

I did not get that Truckcast edited this week. Sorry about that. I contemplating rerecording it as it is full of stops, pauses, and other things that I need to clean up. I’ll get to it. Spoiler. It’s basically a rundown of the the reasoning behind the 10 album covers that I put up on Facebook over the last 10-11 days.

In audio book news, I’ve been listening to the Critical Failures: Volume I by Robert Bevan and narrated by Jonathan Sleep. This is a compilation of the first four books in the Critical Failures series. I’ve finished three of the four. It’s a people sent to a fantasy world and turned into their RPG characters story with a lot of dick and fart jokes. The whole thing is pretty adolescent in it’s humor. But it is funny. I like me a good shitting your pants joke. Needless to say, this is more National Lampoon than it is Lord of the Rings. And call it what you want, their Creatures & Caverns game… it’s Dungeons & Dragons, the facade is unmistakable. I think that’s okay though, it makes the game aspects of the story more recognizable. I’m enjoying it, but it is pretty juvenile. By which I mean, it’s got lots of dude-bro humor in it.

More Mod-Podge and some Woodland Scenics terrain bits are supposed to be arriving today, but I don’t know how much more I’ll get done on my LMoP project as I want to get some progress made on the basement over the long, holiday weekend. We’ll see what happens. Later.