Not Every Saturday is a Hoot

My appointment with the trainer at the MAC fell through today. Apparently, they called me and left me a voicemail letting me know we’d have to reschedule, but I never got that voicemail. So my fitness evaluation has been rescheduled for next Saturday. So instead I walked  the track for a mile and then did the weight training circuit. Then we signed up for I Lost It at the Club!, which is an eight-week fitness challenge with seminars, challenges, and prizes. I’m hoping it’ll be good for us and fun at the same time.
I put my old Baenrahl page up because Doug thinks he wants to do something with it. My buddy Kevin invited us over to watch the Super Bowl and we said we’d go… I mean his TV is a lot nicer than mine 🙂
After that we did some shopping and made our way back home. Maybe we’ll rent the latest Narnia movie on pay-per-view later. That’s all for now.