The Program

This is an exercise routine I used to perform in my garage. I found it to be an enjoyable and effective routine.

There is some explanative text after the routine, if you find the activities confusing. You will need a few things to do this routine:

  • Jump rope
  • Heavy bag & some sort of hand protection (gloves or wraps)
  • Some sort of floor padding might be nice

I can not remember what I based it on or where I found it, but here it is.


JUMP ROPE, 3 minutes

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

JUMPING JACKS / SQUATS / STRETCH, 3 minutes: 20 seconds each, then rotate.

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

SHADOW BOXING, 3 minutes. Alternate 90 seconds each:

1) Be your own trainer. Watch yourself in the mirror to correct stance, hand position, punching mechanics, footwork. 2) Stick and move around an imaginary opponent. Don’t punch hard; you can’t knock out the air.

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

BOXING: ROUND 1 – HEAVY BAG, 3 minutes

One minute: Work on individual jab, hook and uppercut. Next two minutes: Throw combinations. Every 30 seconds: Throw flurry of punches for five seconds.

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

BOXING: ROUND 2 – HEAVY BAG, 3 minutes

Pick up the pace. All combinations: double jab; triple jab; 1-2 (left, right); 1-2-3 (left-right, left hook to chin).

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

BOXING: ROUND 3 – HEAVY BAG, 3 minutes

All combinations; vary placement. Example: jab to chin, right to body; jab to body, right to chin; right to body; jab to chin, hook to chin; 1-2-3 jab to chin, right to body, hook to chin.

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

JUMP ROPE, 3 minutes

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

SHADOWBOXING, 3 minutes.

Cool down. Work the jab.

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

ABS / PUSH-UPS, 3 minutes Alternate the two.

Use the following three abdominal exercises.
1) Crunch: With knees bent 90 degrees and feet flat, curl your sternum toward your pelvis. 2) Bicycle: Bring opposite elbow to knee. 3) Jackknife: Raise hands from chest to straight-legged, airborne feet.
Push-ups: Alternate hand width each set. Do each set to failure.

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

JUMP ROPE, 3 minutes

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

RUN IN PLACE FAST, 3 minutes (Lift knees up high. Run hard.)

REST / JOG IN PLACE, 1 minute

STRETCH, 3 minutes


Shoulder / Lat Stretch: Put arm across chest, then push it toward the center with opposite hand on elbow.

Triceps Stretch: Put hand over shoulder and push elbow down with opposite hand.

Hamstring Stretch: Bend at waist; touch floor with palms.


Don’t dismiss this old-school training method. If your technique is off when you perform in front of a mirror–where you can watch yourself–it won’t be correct when you’re on the heavy bag or in the ring. “Shadowboxing is like watching a videotape of yourself and self-correcting,” says former boxer Steve Petramale. “It’s a great way to study and improve your form.”

In your boxer’s stance, practice moving in all directions: forward, back and side-to-side. Next, incorporate some jabs with your steps. Throw your jab as you step forward with your lead leg. Shadowbox in slow motion to isolate troublesome combinations.


To maximize your time on the bag, learn the fundamentals.


Stand almost sideways to your imaginary foe (or bag), feet more than shoulder-width apart. If you’re right-handed, put your left foot forward and right foot back If you’re left-handed, reverse your positioning. Line up your front foot, hip and shoulders, with your weight equally distributed on the balls of each foot and your knees slightly flexed. You should feel balanced and able to move easily, as if dancing:


Keep your hands up in front of your mouth and chin, with the lead hand about six to eight inches ahead of the rear. Tucking the elbows in protects your ribs and recruits your hips into your punches for more power. The rear elbow should REST / JOG IN PLACE near your ribs. How will you know you’re doing it right? When you can, use your lead-hand knuckles as a “sight.”


Properly thrown punches snap straight out from the chin, then retract straight back. This provides maximum power and minimizes the time your fist leaves your chin unguarded.

If you’re throwing quality punches, the bag should not sway wildly when hit. “If you snap the punch,” says Petramale, “you feel a solid thud and see the bag shudder.”

3a Jab: Fire your fist out on a straight line like a bullet, twisting your thumb inward at full extension. Don’t shift your body balance forward or move either foot forward; doing so REST / JOG IN PLACEricts power.
3b Rear straight/ cross: Starting with your rear fist almost touching your chin, and your elbow tucked into your ribs, explode your arm straight out. Trying to keep your back leg straight, pivot on the ball of your foot and rotate your hip as far forward as possible. The punch will be longer, stronger, faster.
3c Lead hook: Your fist starts in the same place as with a normal jab. But instead of keeping your elbow angled down, pivot it outward so your forearm is parallel to the ground. Then snap your hip so that your upper body twists and your punch slams sideways into an imaginary cheekbone.