Superbowl Sunday 2004

So who is Ronn rooting for in this years Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers?

I want the Panthers to win, I want them to win so badly, if for no other reason than that my friend Denis is from the New England. Yes, I know, it’s cruel to want a team to win solely for the pleasure of giving a heaping-helping load of shit to a friend. But that’s my reason. It’s not going to happen though. Here’s my prediction for the game.

17 New England Patriots
10 Carolina Panthers ran a simulation of the game with three of the football video games and here’s their results.

Madden NFL 2004: Patriots 28, Panthers 14
ESPN NFL Football: Panthers 13, Patriots 10
NFL GameDay 2004: Patriots 26, Panthers 20 in overtime!

Who was right? Who was wrong? Which of these predictions is the most accurate? I guess we’ll know in a matter of hours. I hope you all enjoy the game. I’ll be at work so I’ll be following it with a sports ticker…. lucky me.