Another New Car

Well, I am now officially a repeat Hyundai buyer. Today we picked up our second Hyundai Elantra. This one is for my wife, Tasha. She liked mine so much that she wanted one of her own. Hyundai made that easy by giving us $2,000.00 for being a loyal customer and then added another $750.00 rebate to bring us in to the showroom.

I had been looking to get the $1,500.00 clearance rebate on a 2003. But after four dealerships and only one 2003, which had a manual transmission, I broke down and bought the 2004 in silver.

Tasha tells me that it feels quicker than my car, so I start looking at stats and find that her car has more horsepower, torque, and gets better gas mileage than mine. And to top it off the payment is $30.00 less. Oh well, nothing but the best for my wife.

2004 Elantra
Horsepower 138 @ 6000 rpm
Torque 136 @ 4500 rpm
Average MPG 29

2003 Elantra
Horsepower 135 @ 6000 rpm
Torque 132 @ 4500 rpm
Average MPG 28

It’s a little strange to buy two nearly identical cars, the color is different, but I’m very happy to not be leasing any longer. Life is good. Bring on the new year.