Memorial to My Daughter

Karin Elizabeth Bieszke

February 24, 1990 – April 8, 2013

It is hard to say goodbye to someone so young and so full of possibility.
I had the privilege of knowing and loving Karin for a lot of years. My step-daughter, she will always be that smiling 8-year old girl to me. She was a warm and loving young woman with an amazing spirit and a fierce streak of independence. I have no words to describe my deep feelings, now that she’s left this world.
I have no words – and yet at the same time, I have only words. And those words feel woefully inadequate at a time like this.
Karin was strong and independent, opinionated and full of life. She was true to herself at every age and every period of her life. She defined herself in not allowing others to define her. Her smile and her dreams were so big, but neither was as big or as genuine as her heart. It hurts to know that so many things will have to remain in the world of the “could have been.”
Karin I admired you for your independence and for your strength. I cherished you for your sweetness and your vulnerability.  And I loved you for remaining yourself at every age and in every period of your life. I will never forget you. I will always miss you.
Karin; her loss is a tragedy. I can only hope that it will serve as an inspiration and a reminder to all of us that each day is precious and important. That we should hold those we cherish closely. And that fate is fickle.
For all that could have been I stand here today with a heavy heart. I ache with desire to try one more time to reach you. And while I don’t understand so much of what drove you, you were loved. I loved you. Everyone here loved you. And we cry our tears today, so that the memory of this beautiful girl can remain pure in our hearts forever after. I will continue to love the Karin who was full of life, who has remained in my heart, and who has gone to soon.

–Ronn McCarrick