New Site. New Tools. Same Old Issues.

I’m trying this again. Probably, you figured that out already, as this site has been back up since April. This time around I’m using DreamHost as my web hosting provider. I picked out one of their dedicated WordPress plans. As part of that plan I have access to the BoldGrid website builder, which I’m unfamiliar with and works differently than anything I’ve used before. Plus, everything seems to have moved to blocks, something else I don’t have a lot of experience with. I’m telling you all this as a heads-up that things may change unexpectedly as I learn about new features and/or break the site.

Every post prior to this post is subject to the rigors and foibles of relocating a poorly backed-up and organized website. Some images are missing. Some images are broken. I’m sure there are a bunch of links that go nowhere. References to pages and things that may not exist any longer. It’s a mess back there. You’ve been warned. I’m sure I’ll get some of those posts fixed and some of them never will be. I’m not going to lie, there’s a part of me that wants to go back and start with the first post and fix everything… wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice clean back-up… but that is a project that will probably never happen. There are a lot of posts back there.

Lets just move forward and see how things go.


I made it through the Covid-19 plague of 2020 without getting the disease, without losing my job, and without getting any time off. It was a bit of a scramble in places, I used up all my PTO filling holes in my work week, and a lot of my clients shut down, but mostly things just kept on keeping on. 

This year has been an adventure in getting old and falling apart. Probably, not being in great shape has contributed to this. A couple trips to the hospital started the year off; once for an infection in my leg and once for a bad allergic reaction… Yes. They were related. No. Neither visit resolved the problem. Really, I spent a lot of this years PTO in the first two or three months of the year dealing with a swollen leg. They did an outpatient procedure on the veins in that leg a couple weeks back and things are definitely improving.

Most of my projects around the house have been impacted by this series of medical inconveniences that have kept me hobbling around, so not much has gotten done. Though, I will say that the period where I was on Prednisone steroids was a wild ride. I attribute the completed craft/guest room to those drugs.

I’ll do a post on that room and the process sometime in the near future, but here’s a peek at how things turned out. One side of the room is a bed and side table set up for guests. The other side of the room and the closet are set up for crafting projects. There’s a computer (which is hooked up to the vinyl cutter in the closet), shelves full of crafting supplies and tools, a steel table on one side and a laminated top for the other. The closet doors are sheathed with a metal sheet and then painted with chalkboard paint, and then my paint rack is attached to one side. There are shelves in the closet full of other stuff and a shelving unit against the back wall with even more bits and bobs. I’m very happy with the whole thing, but I need to address the terrible lighting in this room. It seems fine, right up until you try to do any sort of project.

Here’s a peek.

Should work nicely for my statue work, miniature painting, and whatever else. That window came in handy when I was putting polycrylic on my guitar project… it let me get rid of the fumes. That’s another post for another time.

So, I’m back. The website is back. Things will continue on as they have in the past; intermittent posts, unrealized projects, and crazy ideas are all forthcoming. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see, questions you want answered, or things that are unacceptably broken around here. Thanks for reading. Later.