Out of Practice

It’s kinda ridiculous how much time I have spent today trying to think of something to put on this blog. And yet, this was the best I could come up with. The worst part is, I haven’t even finished the Guitar Build post I’ve been working on for two days. What’s the deal? I used to be able to do this, hell, most of the time I was flying by the seat of my pants.

What to Write?
What to Write?

I reached out to a drywall guy on Facebook Marketplace about finishing the drywall in my garage. He said he could get to it the second week of October. I had to tell him that I appreciated him getting back with me, but that even as slow as I am at drywall, even I could have it done by October. I had better have it done by October.

I’m happy enough with the Fender Play online guitar course that I’ve renewed it for another year. It seems to be the course that is setting the standard, based on the reviews I’ve read. And since I’m not taking in person lessons any longer in keeps me on a lesson path. The problem with YouTube is that I tend to skip around all over the place doing the fun stuff and not having any rhyme or reason to my practice time. So, for the next 12-months I’ll be dedicating myself to the Fender system and see how much I can learn and how much improvement I can make. I aim for at least 30-minutes a day of practice and most days I get that in.

I’ve been using Instagram lately. Not sure why, just started putting up a picture of something I’ve made each day. We’ll see how long that keeps up.

I’ve been having issues with my external monitors. Not sure if it’s the monitors, my new Pixelbook, or the usb adaptor. I’ve had both monitors working for brief periods of time. I’ve replaced the MCY adaptor with two different types. This morning I got fed up and have gone down to a single monitor, well, two if you include the Pixelbook screen (which I mostly don’t). It’s going to take some getting used to. I’ve been using dual monitors for a lot of years.

Enough rambling for today. Tomorrow you’ll get a long post about building a guitar kit. Later.