Rampant Restoration

This site is a train wreck. Links that don’t work, missing images, half-finished pages, and a complete lack of organization. I think the time to fix this mess is long overdue. It’s time to restore the roar and put this website back together. At least make it navigable. Rehang the shield if you will, pull the arohen name from ignominy and restore its glory.

Good intentions were bountiful during the last site move, but alas, such intentions were no match for the neglect and disrepair of this place. Work is what is required. Hard work, relearning WordPress, and a focus on the goals, that is what this project will take.

Since 2003, when the blog began, this site has used four different content management systems, been posted under half a dozen names, and hosted by four different services. Cleaning things up can’t be put off any longer. Not if it’s going to be a thing of any dubious use. Besides, over the last year or so I’ve had half a dozen folks tell me they couldn’t find (insert thing that used to be on the site) anywhere. Probably because that thing is gone, broken, or both.

This site will never become a shining guidepost of the internet, but it should at the very least do what it was intended to do… be a soapbox of personal opinion and reservoir of projects, ideas, other ramblings. So, the project to set things right has been declared and this post begins the work of rehanging the shield.

Rampant Lion Shield
Rampant Lion Shield