More Hours Needed

What to Write?

Finding time for all the responsibilities, interests, and aspirations at hand is proving difficult. This is not a unique problem, but it does seem to be an ever present one. Cutting out the nine hours a day spent earning a living would help, but the bills wouldn’t get paid and that would create a whole other set of problems. Probably, we all have enough problems. So that is not a viable option.

What to do? Become more disciplined… not likely. Ignore the family, reduce the number of interests, or hire out the projects around the house; bad idea, unlikely, infeasible. All that can be done is to try and become efficient with the time available. Block out time for tasks and try to multitask where possible. Listening to an audiobook while driving around in the service van, good. Playing guitar while watching TV with the family, bad.

Eventually everything will either get done or it won’t. Taking care of the important things has to be the priority. Prioritize the rest to make life possible, productive, and peaceful. We all make time for the things that are important to us. This is just a matter of deciding to decide on those priorities.

The danger, not a particularly dangerous danger in this case, is distraction. Aimlessly browsing the web, phone games, revisiting old projects, and needlessly sorting, these are the biggest offenders around here. Overcoming this proclivity is key to getting things done and accomplishing goals. Time to find the holes in the weekday schedule. The weekend pretty much takes care of itself.