Tasha's Birthday

Happy birthday Tasha. Today is Tasha’s birthday, she’s not yet 40.
The day started with me going to meet with the personal trainer. It was a “talk about your lifestyle” meeting, not a “exercise” meeting. So really nothing to talk about there. Then I came home and took Tasha to dinner and then to the hockey game. We saw our first Grand Rapid’s Griffins game, they won 3-0 and we sat right behind the penalty box. It was a good time.
Rumor has it that my buddy Doug is trying to talk to me about  my Baenrahl setting. Not trying very hard apparently, but that’s the rumor.
I’ve got to say, this whole character blog thing is a lot more work than I expected it to be. I mean the writing part of it isn’t hard. It’s the research and the sifting through the games background info, followed by determining what to include in the posts and what to leave out of the posts. What I mean is I want to point out the stuff that the character would point out without leaving out the world specific bits that aid in the understanding of the setting. It’s a challenge.