Birthdays and Grammar

Well, today was my son’s birthday. Tyler turned 13. He’s a teen now. I tried to call him and got the machine. He never called back, not that they ever do, so I’m left to assume that he didn’t get my message. Great. Another father of the year vote for me. Anyway, my grandfather is coming into town, so the whole family is going to do a Father’s Day/Tyler’s Birthday thing on Sunday. Should be nice. I haven’t seen my grandfather in a long while. I can’t remember if it was last year, or the year before, that he was last in town.
Last I asked Ty, he still didn’t know what he wanted for a gift. So the wife and I went out tonight and looked around. Didn’t get him anything. But we did come home with groceries, two paperbacks, and I picked up a grammar book. Claims to be able to improve my sentence structure in 30 minutes a day. I don’t expect it to be very interesting, but after getting my novel back from the proof-reader (thanks Doug!) I realized that I need to do something to improve my writing. See I still have problems with comma’s, and sentence structure. I figure that this can’t make it any worse and it should save Doug from using all that red ink.