Comcast HD+DVR, Kinda

So Comcast is giving away free HD programing. Only they’re charging 8.95 a month to rent the box to get it. And for just a dollar more you can get the HD box with DVR. That’s a hundred and twenty bucks a year for free HD. Free is expensive.
It was fun to get it activated. The guy on the other end of the phone couldn’t find my account for 20-minutes. Apparently, my phone number doesn’t register with Comcast. Funny, my checks always get cashed. It was fun, in a can we just get this done sort of way.
To make matters better, or rather worse, the remote sensor doesn’t seem to work most of the time on the box I was given. Grrr…
Nice picture though. You can really see the difference when you flip between the HD channel and the appropriate SD channel.