Personal Training II

Had my second of two free personal trainer sessions this morning. The first one was all about the talk; what do I eat, what’s my day like, what are my habits, etc. for an hour. A get to know me meeting and to get an idea what will work for me. This one, the second, was all about the exercise. Body weight and balance exercises to be more precise. I was shown and asked to do something like 10 exercises. To make a sad story short, I’m strong, but I have no sense of balance. i.e., the weight machines are easy, standing on a bosu ball and using dumbells is hard.
I like and am a big fan of the body weight stuff. I was doing a lot of that stuff back at the old house. I’m just horribly out of shape and out of practice. Embarassingly so. I’m good with the first set, not so much with the second, on every exercise. The trainer says it’s all about stamina and that it’ll come with time. My job is all about doing it once and has led to bad habits and muscle memory.
So the plan is to mix these body weight exercises into my routine. One day of weights and one day of body weight exercises, rinse and repeat.
I’ll keep you in the loop. Later.