The Lavender Blade Trilogy

So I had this cover saved as a .jpg file and tucked comfortably in amongst the plethora of images and writing stuff taking up space on my computer. You’ve already seen this. But the other two that completed the trilogy were missing.


Or rather, they’re saved as Corel Paintshop files (.cpt) and I no longer have a working copy of that particular software suite. So I used another program to try to recreate the missing two covers. But the coloring wasn’t right and I decided to just redo all three for the sake of consistency.
UnknownDestiny coverBrokenDestiny coverCrowningDestiny cover 2

The color still seems wrong to me. To my eye it’s to vibrant and not quite the lavender I was working for. But it took me way to long to get this and I’m not happy with any of the other colors I was getting.
I did some searching on Google for the image I used, beowulf_sword.jpg, but I can’t find it. And I certainly have gathered far to many images to remember where I came by any particular one. Not sure who did it, but it sure is pretty. And if I could give you credit I would. If you stumble upon these images, I thank you for the inspiration your art has provided.
So now I just need to write the stories.