Four More Unfulfilled Novel Ideas

Here are four more novels you won’t find anywhere but here. Okay, truth be told they’re not actually novels; they’re novel covers. But I can tell you what they’re about.
Night Errand is a cyberpunk sci-fi story about a guy who decides to go to war against the gangs in the city, all of them. And to take on the corporate overlords that direct those gangs. See, you don’t just kill a man’s family and expect that he’ll just walk away.
In The Courts of Black & White is a weird mix of fantasy and science fiction, it’s like space opera meets the three musketeers and get’s blended with the Final Fantasy games. Like I said weird, or let’s say eclectic. Don’t have much of that written except a sword fight on top of a train. Did I mention it’s a political thriller? Yeah, it’s convoluted, but it should be good when it’s done.
NightErrand coverBlackWhite cover
Muse, that’s just a cover I came up with. Probably it’d be some sort of steamy thriller.
The other, A Series of Most Unlikely Encounters, is based on my story, The Unlikely Adventures of Mike Windstone. It’s erotica. Sex. Mike get’s himself in some very Penthouse Letter’s sort of situations. Some guys have all the luck.
Muse coverUnlikelyEncounters cover
So there you go, four more novel ideas. Ideas are easy. Writing is hard work. I need to get to working. Later.