App Problems

While no excuses will be made for the lack of updates to the archive of blog posts, as that is an increasingly intimidating and convoluted process. The lack of recent updates actually does require addressing. The most recent batch of posts updating the status of things around here were being written, formated, and posted from the WordPress app. Which was going fine there for a bit… and then it wasn’t.

To make a boring story long, there was a blog status report written and attempted to post, but it wouldn’t post. Also, none of the previous posts were showing up in the menu, which should have given the game away. But a second post was written addressing the first and the continuing foibles of repairing and restoring the mess that is That post would not upload, either. Both were stuck ‘locally’ on the phone used to write them. Settings were checked. Logins were verified. Still, a problem was evident. A third post was written. Same issue. So, in typical administrative fashion for this site, and in life really, frustration set in and disassembly began. Those three posts vanished to the wind, never to be seen again. Frustration and despair set in. The fans wept. This could not be allowed to continue.

Last night the app was uninstalled and a new installation was put in place. Login and site information was reloaded. Wha la… everything is working again. Posts were written, back dated, and uploaded. And just like that things are back to normal. The world weeps again, but this time the source of those tears is joy.