Miniature Painting

I wanted to share with you the first miniature I’ve painted in 40+ years. First, let’s set the stage and lower expectations. Back in the olden times, when I first discovered and began playing Dungeons & Dragons, I discovered the old Grenadier boxed sets of licensed metal miniatures.

I didn’t have a lot of miniatures, but I did have four or six of those boxes: Adventuring Party, Monsters, Mythological Creatures, Halfling, Dwarves, Wizards, and Orcs. I think were the sets I had. Which, looking at it now, actually sounds like a lot for a 12-year-old me. But, anyway, I painted all those figures. Used the same Testor’s paints on them that I used on my plastic model car kits. They were very glossy figures. I don’t have any pictures of the paint jobs on those old minis, but I remember being quite proud of them.

Later on, early 2000s, I started scouring ebay for sales of miniatures. Looking to grab large bulk sets of various minis, and I think I had several hundred of the little metal things. I didn’t paint any of those, but some of them did come to me painted by others. Unfortunately, that was right before I went on TTRPG hiatus. Then life took a couple sharp turns and things got wildly out of control for a bit. And now we’re here.

I don’t know what became of those collections. Donated? Resold on eBay? Thrown out? I do not remember. Whatever the case, I’m back at it again. You never kick some addictions.

It started with the new, cheaper plastic miniatures by WizKids and Reaper Bones. I bought a couple bunches of those. They’re all right. I like ’em. But 3D resin printing… GAME CHANGER. You’ve seen the pictures I’ve already posted. I don’t need to say anything else.

I’ve been scouring the internet for free files. I’ve been supporting model maker subscriptions on Patreon. I’ve been been printing up minis like I’m running a factory. And now I’m painting…

Adventurer’s Tent

That’s it. That’s what I painted, a tent. A dirty grimy tent that probably lives on top of some rogues backpack. Or maybe it rides along the trail strapped to the saddle of some wizards horse. Whatever the case, when the sun goes down and you’re trying to keep the stirges off you, up goes the tent. Pretty sweet, right.

That feels like a bit of a dirty trick. You were expecting more. I apologize. That was mean. Here, let me give you a glimpse of what’s sitting on the bench. This is in progress, unfinished work, but it’s getting there.

Dragons, green and white.