More Orcs

Is it ork or orc? So, Mork and Mindy, the TV show starring Robin Williams, answers that pretty definitely for us, Mork was from the planet Ork. He was an orkling? orkan? orkian? We’ll just call him an ork and you now have a template to base your orks on. We have changed the perception of orks in your campaign forever.

Orks and humans can coexist

J.R.R. Tolkien used orc. He was an English scholar and student of mythology, probably he knew what he was doing. I don’t know if that’s why I use orc, but it sounds like a good enough reason to me. Besides, orcs are not real and it doesn’t matter. Moving on.

I doubled down on my orc figures, out of a fear that I would not have enough orcs to throw at however many players I end up with in my Adventure campaign. I printed up another plate of orcs. There were a couple of failures on the plate, but most of the orcs were unscathed by the damage. I present to you the Klamath Orcs.

The Klamath Orcs

I know I’m riding a dangerous line of cultural insensitivity by using Native American names attached to Orcs, but I really don’t want to have to change all the names on the map and they’re all names based on Native American languages. I’ll make all my differentiations between the real and fantasy peoples in the history, culture, and background descriptions when I get to that point. And hopefully no one will be offended as no offense is intended.

Given the number of figures I’m printing out for this Adventure campaign, I’ve been thinking about quick and dirty ways to paint the figures. I’m leaning towards a dark charcoal base coat with a light off gray white dry brushing to bring out the details and possibly a single accent color to unify each group of figures. But, I haven’t done any test paints to see if that will work. I know that if I do a simple black and white paint job it does a nice job of bringing out the highlights and detail of each print. The issue being, that everything kind of blends together with a certain sameness on the table.

Tests will be done. Decisions will be made. Pictures will eventually end up online. We’ll see what happens.