Recommendation: The Vintage RPG Podcast

In our ongoing campaign to make you like the things we like. We here at arohen present you with a podcast we listen to every Monday morning: The Vintage RPG Podcast. Here is a link to their episode on mimics from last Monday.


Join Stu Horvath (Vintage RPG, Unwinnable) and John McGuire (Mai-Tai Happy Hour, Ham-Fisted Productions) as they delve into their favorite tabletop roleplaying games from the past, present and future!

The Vintage RPG Podcast

The Vintage RPG podcast is a quick, usually no more than half-hour show, that focuses on various roleplaying related products from the past, occasional interviews, and some talk about each of their personal projects. It doesn’t go particularly indepth on anything, but it does highlight some interesting things from the past and will certainly get you searching eBay for treasure from the past. The hosts do a good job and this is one of the few podcasts that I’ve listened to every episode of. If you’re interested in role-playing games, the whole team here at arohen recommends you give it a listen.

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