It’s a Nonstarter

Just wanted to put a quick update on the automotive adventures from the Labor Day weekend.

As a quick recap, my buddy came out and we went downtown to the GrandCon gaming convention where we encountered some car trouble and had to have the car towed back to my house. Sunday we acquired a starter from AutoZone and installed it into his car… it did not solve the problem. He rented a car and went home and his car sat in my driveway until yesterday, when a tow truck picked it up and took it to his mechanic.

It did not take long for that mechanic to determine the starter provided by AutoZone did not work. So, had we just made the assumption that the new part we had just purchased was garbage and bought a second starter we may have solved the problem. However, making the assumption that the brand new part is garbage is not an assumption I typically make. Nor should it be.

I find automotive issues particularly frustrating. Because, even though I have plenty of experience with plumbing, construction, electrical, and maintenance work, I have very little experience with automotive issues. Back in the day, when I still had used cars, I did a few repairs. But even then I wasn’t terribly comfortable working on cars. I just have no background in it and I don’t have a particularly strong understanding of what makes all the systems in the car work properly.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that my buddy’s car is up and running again and it only required an exorbitant amount of money and far too much frustration.

This is why I buy new cars.

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