Locke & Key

Tonight I closed the door on Netflix’s Lock & Key. Three seasons of whispering keys, adult onset amnesia, and demons from a big blue hole. It’s a little slippery trying to remember everything that’s happened after three seasons, but let me share my feelings.

Locke & Key

“The reason why she doesn’t remember is because she’s a grown up. That’s how this stuff always works. Only kids can get into Narnia”

Bode Locke

Overall, I liked this series. It’s a neat idea, what with all these magic keys hidden all over the house. It’s a good gimick. Every episode has a key and every key both creates and solves a problem. There is a lot of potential story in that simple concept.

My thoughts, in no particular order. Dodge was the better villain and I would have preferred a final season fight against her. This show does that annoying thing where nobody can tell anybody else the most simple thing resulting in plot shenanigans. Why did alien bullets shoot out of the portal for two seasons infecting people, and yet, not a single bullet came out of any of the portals in the final season. Kids are annoying on TV. Hell, adults are annoying on TV. Perhaps people are just annoying in general on TV.

It was a fun show and I’m glad I watched it. It gave me some ideas. I think three seasons was enough, I don’t want or need anymore.

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