Great Mythologies of the World

It took a while to get through this one for a number of reasons:

Great Mythologies of the World
  • It was 100 hours long.
  • I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts.
  • This might be my second listen to this book, it all sounds very familiar.
  • It’s a lecture series from the Great Courses and those are never quick listens for me.
  • Every myth I listen to sparks my imagination for creating myths and world building. Which can be quite distracting.

Overall, I’m going to give this one four out of five stars. It took a long time to get through, but I did enjoy it while I was listening to it. If you’re interested in mythology from all around the world, I’d recommend you give this a listen.

*angry growl* I still haven’t found an uploaded my stars that I created for this purpose. Doh! Note to self… Do that.

Listen to Great Mythologies of the World by The Great Courses, Grant L. Voth, Julius H. Bailey, Kathryn McClymond, Robert André LaFleur on Audible.

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