Sanborn Map Trove

There is nothing wrong with the town map that comes with the D&D Starter/Essentials set adventure (both adventures are centered on the same town). Phandalin is nice. Kinda small, but a good starter map. It’s more a village than a town, the population is probably 400ish. I was planning on using it. Nice map.

Wizards of the Coast Phandalin

But the more I develop my idea and the more I embrace setting things in an alternative version of the Pacific Northwest, the less it works for me.

I’ve decided to place Phandalin in the spot currently occupied by Weaverville, California. It’s small. It’s at the feet of the Trinity Alps. It’s fairly close to Redding, which makes it a nice substitute for Neverwinter. Lots of forest land, mountains, and wilderness. It’ll be a good spot for setting up some adventures.

While doing some research on the area I came across the treasury of historical maps that is the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company. Lots of cool old Maps here and I’ve found a few that I’m going to use… with a bit of modification, of course. Maps Here.

I stitched this one together from two image files in Photoshop. I’m working on some bigger changes to make it better fit the campaign, the adventure, and to make it more usable in game.

Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Weaverville 1889

And this one is of the entire county from the same time period.

Trinity County map

Just another peek behind the curtain of campaign development.

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