Another Day, Another Post

I started to write another critique partner post, but stopped when I realized that I was just rewording the advice from the comments. You’re better off to just go read the comments in that post for yourself.
Things are going to get a little rough around here. I can feel it in my bones. I woke up too early yesterday, 8:30 am, and after working through the night I’ve got a 2:00 pm meeting today. I’m expecting to be a little groggy for that. Then the usual shift tonight followed by an 11:00 am meeting tomorrow. Today’s meeting I can just sit there like a drone, but tomorrow I’m expected to participate, give opinions, be creative, it’s going to be ugly folks.
I don’t read everything that Miss Snark puts on her blog, how could I? She’s crazy with the posts. But I scan and try and pull out the nuggets of wisdom I can use. This one was on meeting agents at conferences, I thought it was helpful. Maybe you will too. Boils down to say hello, ask the agent what they would like to know about your book, then answer their questions. Seems easy enough; sounds like a lot of folks get it wrong.
Do you like the look of McVane’s blog? I do. I’m thinking of changing up again. Something simpler with less graphics. We’ll see, seems like a lot of work right now.