Sunday. Sunday. Sunday.

So, I spent most of the day and evening in the basement working on the bedrooms. All the rigid foam board has been glued to the walls and laid on the floor. The plywood has been laid down in bedroom one and mostly done in bedroom two. It’s not secured yet… I was having a tough time with the concrete screws snapping and I decided to find a better solution. I’ll do that tomorrow after I finish cutting the last three pieces of flooring. There’s a bunch of pictures in the Basement gallery of what I’ve done.
Zachary helped me bring the rigid foam boards downstairs, we carried all 12-pieces at one time. All the heavy-ass 3/4 plywood… yeah, carried all that down by myself while he played video games. Good to have help. Sometimes I’d like to beat him, just for being a…. I’d like to beat him. Let’s leave it at that.
That’s a Different Strokes reference for all you young’uns. It’s a TV show from 1978-1986. I watched that shit. I rock.