New Year Resolution #1

I resolve to post something new on this website everyday.

This is the first of 2014’s five resolutions. Laziness is the only thing that keeps it from happening now. Well, that and a lack of content. It should be a pretty easy one to keep, as I can que up content of days or weeks at a time if I so choose. The trick is to not have it all be pictures of me in various ‘LOLcats’, as Denis calls them.
Oh, and I need to figure out how to get stuff off my phone… you know… since I dropped a pipe wrench on it and the USB port is acting all funny-like.
But I am confident that I can over come these challenges and provide you with new content on a daily basis.
Unless, of course, I get sick on New Year’s Eve and feel like shit for a week or so and then we get a bunch of crazy ass cold weather that makes me work 50-hours a week while feeling like crap so that I end up just wanting to sleep by the time I get home. But barring that, I can provide you with new content everyday and maybe, just maybe, people will start coming to the site and I’ll develop some sort of readership.
Well, that’s resolution one. Stay tuned for the rest.