New Year Resolution #2

I resolve to stop eating fast food and to stop drinking soda

This is the second of five New Year Resolutions that I challenged you, my beloved readers, and myself to come up with. If I am successful at this one, I should both feel better and lose some weight. I imagine your results would be similar. I mean, really, we all know this stuff is terrible for our bodies. It’s like poison; delicious, convenient poison.
Outside of my working hours I don’t hardly ever touch the stuff, but put me in the van and start the work day and it’s like the stuff has a sirens call over me. It’s so easy, so convenient, so easy to slip the van through the drive-thru…
But enough! No more of that. No longer will I give in to the temptation. Once again I will discipline myself to ward against this sirens song. And in doing so my wallet and my waistline will both reap the rewards.
Starting today. No more fast food. No more soda. No more I say… well, how about starting on the 13th… that sounds like a better plan. I resolve it.