New Year Resolution #3

I resolve to take the dog for a walk every day

After dinner, before the television watching proceeds, the dog shall go for a walk of at least a half-hour duration.
I was doing pretty well at this, right up until the snow fell and the path became unclear. I mean know one wants to walk the dog in the snow, right?
Okay, probably no one wants to walk the dog period. Or at least no one in my house, judging by the fact that if I don’t do it, no one does it. Most nights anyway. Sometimes when the moon and stars line up just right and the sky is just the right shade of dark; on those nights someone who is not me will walk the dog. But mostly, it’s my job.
The dog gets a bit unmanageable when he doesn’t get a walk. I get a bit fat when I don’t get any exercise. Really, it’s a win, win for both of us. So rain or shine the dog will get his walk.
I resolve it. So shall it be.