It's Not Going to Work

Okay, I’ve twisted this thing around a number of different ways and I can’t get the prologue/epilogue to fit around A Difficult Dinner. It’s an idea I liked, but it was an after thought and was never really integral to the story. I’m going to drop the idea and call it done.
I’m going to put this thing to bed for six weeks. That’ll give me some distance from it and allow me to get a good start on Sitting Duct. I know that when I pull it out to do the editing that I’m going to have quite a job on my hands. I don’t exactly write finished copy. But the idea is for me to just keep plowing forward to get the story down. I’ve had far to many 30-page false starts because of going back and editing while I write. The outline really helps to keep me on track.
A Difficult Dinner, first draft done. Sitting Duct, starting tomorrow with a thousand words a day. Tonights writing, probably 1,500-2,000 words that I didn’t keep.