My Guitar is Her Guitar Now

So I came in last night as Tasha and Karin were getting home and Tasha tells me they’ve been out looking at guitars and such because Karin wants to learn to play. There was a moment of hesitation (I’ve seen what the kids have done to the computers I’ve given them) before I offered up my unused, but very nice Charvel and Crate amp.
See, when my first wife and I were dating, back when I was young and full of everything (1989ish) I used to write song lyrics. I also dreamed of putting those lyrics to music. In order to further my ambition, the ex bought me a guitar to learn to play. It was a nice, red Charvel electric. I think it was around $400 which seemed like a lot to spend for something I didn’t know how to play. I learned a few cords, but never got good enough to play even a single song and it went into the closet.
I’ve held onto that guitar for years. Always telling myself that I’ll take the time to learn to play it. I never have, and probably never will. So I was hesitant to give it up. It’s mine and leave my stuff alone.
But that’s selfish. If the girl wants to learn, more power too her.
I resisted the urge to attach all sorts of conditions to letting her use the guitar. Don’t draw on it. Don’t wreck it. Treat it nicely. But in the end I said nothing and just gave it to her. Letting go is hard sometimes. It’s hers now, I know that. I knew that when I gave it to her.
I have suspicions about what will happen to it, but I hope for the best. Besides, when I opened the case it was pretty obvious that oner or more of the little devils had been playing with it already. A broken string, a missing volume knob, and a big chip out of the neck. That all made it a little easier to give up.
So happy birthday Karin. I’ve given her my guitar, amp, and the how-to-play books. I hope she has better luck than I did. She seemed to be very happy about the whole thing. Sometimes being a dad is great.