Good Progress

I didn’t get around to putting a post up yesterday, but things are going well. My hero has figured out where the vampires are. His plan to surprise them failed because of the treachery of his vampire cohort. After being captured and brought on board the biggest, baddest vampire’s yacht he managed to find the girl, but their escape plan was foiled. Things seem to have gone from bad to worse. But it’s good for the story. Two more chapters should do it. One to bring this all to a climax and one to wrap things up (not sure if that’ll take a whole chapter or not?).
Doug and Joel think I should add a prologue and an epilogue in a whole other voice and from a different point of view…. I like the idea, but I’ll have to write it and see how it works out.
So the count stands at 3,650 words over the last two nights. Total word count, 112,831.