Stinky Weekend Update

Lets say you’ve lost some weight, your novel is coming to completion, and you’ve just had LASIK done on you eyes. Everything is coming up roses and you’re feeling a little bit cocky, what could possibly bring you crashing back into the cold reality of life. Dog poop. Yes, I said dog poop. Saturday was a perfect day, cold and dry, to pick up dog poop and boy did I end up with a lot of it. Once the snow melted it was everywhere. Good thing I got it picked up on Saturday, because we had a 3-6 inch snow fall on Sunday.
Another day and I could have ignored it for another week. Oh well, it’s done now. Moving on.
Went to the Michigan vs. Notre Dame hockey game on Saturday night with Denis. Got to send him some kudos for passing the ticket along. Michigan won, 6-3. Michigan came out strong, looked weak in the second, and then seemed to get it back together in the third. It was a good time.
George showed me the webservice that he is using to keep track of his RSS feeds, Bloglines. I like it. In particular I like that I can get to it from any machine I might be at. That’s the beauty of a web-based service. It also offers some other features like My Blog, blogrolling, and a blog search, but I’m mainly enammored with the concept of having one page that shows me which of the blogs I read have been updated.
There wasn’t any writing this weekend, but I’m going to get back on the ball and get back to it tonight. The plan is to have the first draft done by the end of the week. The end of the month at the latest.