Thinking About Writing

My creative energies are starting to bubble over, while at the same time I am feeling a bit over extended on my time. Between work, family, the basement project, the bathroom project, arohenTV, the Truckcast, and everything related; I feel like I’ve got too many irons in the fire. And still I want to get back to writing… actual words on the page.
I’ve got some ideas for Roderick Thane that stem straight out of Greek mythology. My library book on the nephilim has my mouth watering to sink my teeth back into Malach. Something I saw on TV started me thinking about Sitting Duct and how I might change my approach to that story. And a documentary on Drew Struzan has me thinking about Star Wars and my story derived thereof. I’m feeling the need to get back to the writing.
I need to create a schedule. I need to make a timeline for what goes up when on the site and work to that schedule. I need to focus and get something done. I need to not be so scattered.
But I have an idea about a plan…
QueensWood cover

** image taken from Guild Wars **