Wednesday's in the Wood

So I started out with something like this…
It’s rough, but you can click it to see the full-size drawing, if you so choose. I copied it from something a long while back, but I don’t remember from who, what, or where. So I apologize for the lack of a credit.
Then I found that the Ranger character from the original Guild Wars game looked a lot like what I was looking for, so I made this.
QueensWood cover
But I was feeling a little unsure about using someone else’s art on my website, even if it were just as a mock-up for my own inspiration. So I looked around and found nothing better. Until I went to see the movie, Your Highness, Wherein, Natalie Portman, looks a fine bit like I imagine my Robyn might. So I went online and grabbed some stills and came up with these.
QueensWood cover2QueensWood cover3
Still not perfect, and I admit that both covers look like cheesy self published ebook covers. But I think you’re getting the idea. And Robin Hood as a woman is just the first change.