Wasted Day

Yesterday was a wasted day. I took the day off work because of this ongoing attack of gout. I hadn’t been able to sleep the night before and I slept fitfully through the day. In order to stay off my sore foot I stayed in bed most of the rest of the evening. I did get up and answer some emails, but decided that wasn’t a good idea and went back to bed.
So no writing was done last night, but I did figure out how I’m going to start the next scene. Which is good, because I always have a hard time when I leave the writing at a scene break. It’s always easier to come back to a scene in progress than to try and start from scratch. Well, it is for me anyway.
I did finish reading The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story yesterday. I think it’s pretty telling that Steven Donaldson spends 20 pages at the end of the book explaining himself. I can’t say I enjoyed it. The writing was good and the pacing was good, but I just don’t want to read about a man raping and abusing a woman for 200 pages. I don’t think I’ll be reading the rest of that series. Also, I finished listening to Rainbow Mars. All I can really say about that is ‘eh’. Some of the ideas were neat and at times I liked a couple of the characters, but for the most part it seemed weak in character and dialog.
I gave Witching Moon by Rebecca York to Tasha for Christmas in 2003(I think). She never read it, but I think I’m going to give it a try. I realized after I was two chapters in that it’s book three in the series, but I’m going to keep going. If i like it I’ll go back and read the first two. So far I’m waiting to be convinced that lycanthropes are as cool as vampires, not sure if she’ll be able to convince me that they are.