Creating A Schedule

What’s going on with arohenTV?
Have you stopped doing the Truckcast?
Why are there so many lame pictures of you?
It really all comes down to time. Well, time and motivation. Or maybe it’s time, motivation, and mood. Whatever the case, things around here have been a bit unpredictable. So, in an attempt to create more predictability in my posts and to help me decide what to work on when, I’m going to try and stick to a schedule of posts. But I think you all know how that has worked out in the past…

Monday – arohenTV video
Tuesday – Truckcast audio
Wednesday – a bit of fiction (Queens Wood)
Thursday – blog post
Friday – Truckcast audio
Saturday – motivational image (LOLcat?!)
Sunday – motivational image (LOLcat?!)

This should help me determine what I should be working on, cut down on the number of images (they’re the easiest thing to make), and allow you to better predict when something new will show up on the site.
As is my wont, things are subject to change at any time.