Lazy Sunday Morning

What a week. Lady Ronn and I finished Life on Netflix, watched Jack Reacher, and went for pie on Friday. The oldest boy found a full time job with what looks to be a good company in the field he went to school for. The middle boy moved out of one rental house with all his buddies and into another place with two other couples and says he has a new girlfriend. The youngest of the three boys finally admitted that, yes, he does have friends at the new school and is in fact rather popular. So things are moving forward, slowly, with the children.
I finished listening to the Annotated Sword of Shannara: 35th Anniversary Edition. I managed to get all of February back filled here on the blog. I’ve realized the online dating video is too screwed to post, but I edited up the season four Super Bowl, now I just need to narrorate it and get it on YouTube. And I’m freaking out about getting the next installment of Queens Wood done so I can put it up on Wednesday. It’s the little things that get me.
Here’s your Sunday motivational…