Where is Queens Wood

I may have bitten off more than I can chew here.  I had this mistaken idea that reworking an existing novel would be easy. It’s not. Or, I guess if I was going to just change some words and call it my own it would be. But after working on it a bit, I became pretty disenchanted with that idea and with the voice that was showing up on the page.
So I have to actually do work on this story, which I had somehow convinced myself that I wouldn’t have to do. Or that it would be easy work if I did have to do it. But it’s real work and I’ve had my wake up call. I’m hoping what I do from here on out will be better. I’m sure it will be.
Anyway, a lot of things conspired to keep me from writing this week. Mostly it was just a lack of dedication on my part. The long and short of it is that I’m already running behind the schedule I set for myself. Sorry. I’ll have something more substantial for you next Wednesday. Promise. Queens Wood will be back.